According to the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne Plagiocephaly or Flat Head Syndrome is the most common craniofacial problem today, and literally means a misshapen or asymmetrical head shape. This condition most commonly occurs when baby adopts a favoured head position, and as a result the sides or back of the skull become mis-shapen from constant pressure in that one spot.

While sleeping infants on their back has dramatically reduced the occurrence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), the development of Flat Head Syndrome has become more common . Due to an increase in SIDS awareness, many infants now spent nearly 100 percent of their time on their backs.

The risk of Flat Head Syndrome can be reduced through:

  • continued monitoring of baby’s head position while on back,
  • lots of tummy time while baby is awake, which can help in the development of motor skills,
  • use of the Baby-Head-Rest which eliminates the pressure from the skull while baby is on their back, and gives baby the freedom to natural and comfortably move his or her head.

It is important to seek medical advice about any change in your baby’s head shape. If you are dissatisfied with any medical advice you receive, it is within your rights to seek another opinion.