The gentle hollowed out and cradling design of the Baby-Head-Rest helps to eliminate the pressure on baby’s head that causes a flat spot condition in young infants. Unlike a pillow, the Baby-Head-Rest does not lift baby’s head, but provides comfort and balance as it lies naturally in the centre of the apple, allowing movement of the head to occur without restriction or discomfort. The contouring at the base of apple ensures that baby’s neck is also supported.

Recent research shows that Flat Head Syndrome may be an indicator for developmental delays in young children. Once the asymmetric flattening of the skull occurs, in extreme cases the only way to correct the mis-shaping is with helmet therapy, which can be expensive and often traumatic for young children. Using the Baby-Head-Rest from day one can reduce the risk of baby developing Flat Head Syndrome and the need for corrective treatment. Furthermore, if it a flat spot is noticed within the first few weeks of birth, using the Baby-Head-Rest may stop it from worsening and could result in correction.

The Baby-Head-Rest does not restrict the movement of baby’s head in any way.

The Baby-Head-Rest is recommended for use from newborn until baby is 4 months of age or has begun to roll. It should only be used while baby is on his / her back.

Seek medical advice about any change in your baby’s head shape.