What other people are saying…

‘At my son’s six week check up the doctor noticed he had a flat spot on his head, but said it would correct itself naturally. At his 3 month check up with the plunket nurse she referred me to see the doctor again because it got so bad he couldn’t turn his head to the right. We did alot of research on flat head syndrome and found the baby head rest. I brought one straight away and after only two weeks his head has changed shape. It isn’t round like it was but now my son easily turns his head both ways and doesn’t favor sleeping on a side. I fully recommend this product to anyone who has a baby with or without a flat head. Thank you so much.’

NZ Mum – Retailed through The Sleep Store

‘I purchased the Baby Head Rest from Baby Kingdom Campbelltown about 6 weeks ago and have been extremely pleased with the changes to my baby’s flat spot on her head.’

Leanne, Casula NSW

“I used the Baby Head Rest from the day I brought my daughter home from hospital and her head stayed perfectly round and she never got a flat spot! I love this item, it didn’t restrict her from turning her head at all smile


“My daughter had slight flat head and once I started using the head rest pillow it went away within a week. I used it in the bassinet, car seat, rocker and pram a fantastic product.

Lily, Rodd Point NSW