Q. Where can I purchase the Baby-Head-Rest?
A. The Baby-Head-Rest is available for a range of stores and online retailers across Australia and New Zealand. For more information, see our Where to Buy section. The Baby-Head-Rest can be purchased from our secure online store, please click here. We ship within Australia and overseas.

Q. How can the Baby-Head-Rest help my baby?
A. The Baby-Head-Rest has been designed to provide gentle support for baby’s head and natural head movements, while reducing the risk of a flat-spot occurring in infants 0-4 months of age.

Q. Can the Baby-Head-Rest help if a flat spot has already started to occur?
A. Only if it is within the first four months of birth. If a flat-spot is noticed within the first few weeks since birth, using the Baby-Head-Rest may stop it from worsening and could result in correction.

Q. What is the best age for Baby-Head-Rest use?
A. The Baby-Head-Rest should be used from birth until 4 months of age.

Q. Does the Baby-Head-Rest restrict baby’s head movement?
 No.  The Baby-Head-Rest has been specially designed to allow movement of baby’s head so that they can rest comfortably.

Q. How do I know if my baby needs to see a doctor?
Seek medical advice about any change in your baby’s head shape.

Q. What is “Flat-Head Syndrome”?
Flat-head Syndrome is a flat-spot condition of the skull that occurs in newborns and young infants from prolonged pressure. This condition most commonly occurs when baby adopts a favoured head position, and as a result the sides or back of the skull become mis-shapen from constant pressure in that one spot.

Q. Does Flat Head Syndrome cause long term problems?
 Originally it was thought that the condition was not linked to developmental problems in young children, however most recent research from the US states there is a link. (See this abstract from a US pediatric journal article).

Q. How is Flat Head Syndrome usually treated?
Once the asymmetrical flattening of the skull occurs, in extreme cases the only way to correct the mis-shaping is with helmet therapy. For more information about helmet therapy and Flat Head Syndrome, consult your doctor.

Q. Where can I find for information or support on this issue?
A. For more information, take a look at our links page where we have listed a wide range of online resources and other information.

Q. What colours does the Baby Head Rest come in?
A. Baby Head Rest now comes in two colours to suit most decors – mint green and peach