There are numerous sites on EBay and Amazon that are selling fake and counterfeit Mije TM   – baby head rest products.

Whilst we feel very flattered about people wanting to provide a solution for Plagiocephaly and copying our design, these sites are infringing on our IP and Trademarks and stealing verbatim the text off our website. Put simply, it is called theft.

The purchase of counterfeit products being it a baby head rest, handbag or a watch is never a good idea. We are working closely with the authorities to close these sites down, but as you can imagine with these operators being in China it is most difficult and if you do manage to shut them down, they just open under a different name.

Why not purchase a fake product, they are cheaper.  Yes they are cheaper; however the baby head rest is manufactured specifically to cradle the head using specific measurements that have been designed by medical specialists. Counterfeits do not! And can be a RISK to the wellbeing of the baby. The baby head rest uses medical grade memory foam. Counterfeits do not!  Counterfeits generally use the cheapest materials available, so you don’t really know what is inside them or where they source the materials from.

To protect yourselves from purchasing a fake product, we recommend that you don’t purchase products from EBay or Amazon unless the Mije Brand is clearly identified. If you are unsure about the purchase, just give us a call in the office on 1800 119 837 and we can let you know.

How to recognise a fake.

The Mije baby head rest is only available in three colours, Green, Peach and White as are the Baby Head Rest washable covers. Any other colour or combination of colours is a counterfeit or fake.




If the price is low it’s a fake, the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) for the Baby Head Rest is AUD $39.95

Only purchase products that have the item code MJ050238G, MJ050238P, MJ050238W above the product barcode. Also make sure that there is a batch number located on the back of the header card. The number starts with BN and has six digits and ends with either  G, P or W for Green, Peach or White. If you cannot see any of these, it’s a fake.

Remember, you shouldn’t place your Baby’s health at risk for the sake of saving a few dollars.